Networking Technology


Ping Tester  v.1.0

In the field of networking technology devices are identified by IP addresses. The IP address is a 32- or 128-bit number, known as IPv4 and IPv6 respectively. The IP addresses are unique in a single network, to allow for consistent communication.

SharpRaw Pro  v.0.984a

SharpRaw Pro uses Neural Networking technology to perform interpolation of raw image files. It can produce the highest possible resolution with the lowest noise. A RAW image file interpolation and editing software.


Lotto Sorcerer  v.8.6.1

Full-featured lottery software with predictive technology. Since 1989. This program uses neural networking technology to find a pattern to prior draws. Also features lottery playslip printing functions, 7,000 wheels, much more. For Windows XP on up.

SideNotesIM  v.1 9

With SideNotesIM you can Send a quick message announcing a phone call or a customer arrival with the click of a button. It installs in minutes and is immediately usable.

920-806 Free Pass Sure Exam

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Colasoft Capsa Free  v.

Capsa Free is a must-have freeware network analyzer for Ethernet monitoring, troubleshooting and analysis.

Hamachi  v.

Hamachi will allow you to establish secure direct connections to PC's that are not accessible otherwise due to the restrictions in network setup.For example,

Perforce  v.2008.2

Perforce, the Fast Software Configuration Management (SCM) System, provides powerful version control and workspace management with a unique branching model.

BonjourReseau  v.1.0

This is a utility to register Bonjour services on a network.

Xwepgen  v.0.8

About xwepgenxwepgen lets Mac OS X users use WEP passphrases from nearly all non-Apple 802.

PearPortVPN  v.0.2

pearPortVPN allows you to automatically establish a specific VPN connection whenever a wireless network of choice becomes available.

AddRouting  v.1.0

addRouting is a little tool that helps to manage a list of individual routings, differing from the default gateway.

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